Healing Our Black Men.
Saving Our Communities.

Creating a safe space for Black teens, adults, and fathers to re-imagine the possibilities through social justice and prevention advocacy that builds resilience while empowering them to be transformative members of society. 

Welcome to Project LIFT:

Project LIFT promotes equality & economic growth by championing the upliftment of Black men, providing them with behavioral health & prevention services, resources, training, workshops and tools to help them thrive.


At Project LIFT, leveling the playing field for at-risk youth, particularly young Black men, is our primary focus. By exposing them to skills, strategies and disciplined principles, we’ll help them create a solid foundation for emotional and financial wellness. As they begin to embark on a commitment to personal growth, they will learn how to tap into their ingenuity, uncover their fortitude and celebrate their triumphs, big and small.

Getting LIFTED means you’ll:


Your life, your voice and your mental health matter! At Project LIFT, we’ve created programs that will nourish, enrich and cultivate who you desire to be while introducing you to the person you didn’t realize you could be.​


Our Lifted Men Fatherhood program helps new and seasoned fathers with barriers develop practical parenting skills to successfully reintegrate into their child’s life while establishing a healthy and mutual co-parenting agreement. During our 13-week curriculum, we’ll address financial instability, communication issues, and negative thought patterns to give participants the opportunity to have a meaningful presence in their children's lives.


Our Teen Life Skills program helps young men end cycles of poverty, substance abuse, limiting beliefs and unresolved traumas. The objective of this program is to help them build self-confidence & become self-aware; learn how to interact with authority figures such as parents, school officials and the police and improve decision-making, communication and social skills through enriching activities.


Becoming the happiest, healthiest version of ourselves is continuous work. At Project LIFT, we’re helping you “do the work” with various counseling and support services to fit your needs. For decades, the stigma surrounding counseling has left many undiagnosed, unheard and unhealed. Together, we can work to ensure that you feel seen, heard and healed!

Become The Man You’re Meant To Be

Our programs and events are created with one thing in mind, getting young men and fathers what they need to thrive. Learn how to use the life skills you already have to make your life feel more rich and less stressful. Learn how to:

Are You A Provider?

Your well-being is our priority. We have a trusted and skilled group of caring human service professionals to safeguard Black teens’ and fathers’ welfare and emotional needs as we work collectively to improve outcomes. ​

Check out Our Courses

Our courses are designed to make us all better advocates for young Black teens and fathers. These courses will sharpen your skills, so you are better positioned to help them soar.
The Impact Of Racial Trauma In Behavioral Health
Understand the impact racism has on the mind, body and spirit of African American youth.
Boredome, Loneliness & Apathy
Frequently, what we feel or the lack of feeling are critical indicators of our emotional well-being.​
Addressing & Resolving Ethical Issues
Helping you identify, manage and cope with ethical issues within your environment.​


Lifted is a Project LIFT newsletter that provides exciting announcements about our initiatives, helpful resources, community activities and upcoming events. It’s an excellent way for the local community, providers and clients to stay engaged and informed. ​