About Project Lift

Project Lift is a community-centered social justice and prevention agency that focuses on the well-being of Black teens and fathers to strengthen families and communities. Since 2016, we’ve offered hope to at-risk teens and fathers through culturally relevant programs, workshops and personal development. We’ve solidified our standing as an impactful community resource that addresses racial inequities, economic instability, housing dilemmas and generational strongholds. We make a conscious decision to renew our commitment to serving the most vulnerable populations daily. And daily, we happily take another step forward in our quest to level the playing field for clients.​


To provide consumers with innovative, clinically supported best practices for comprehensive health and recovery services, while promoting culturally responsive and inclusive social justice initiatives for improved access to resources. ​


Project LIFT will be a proactive leader and advocate toward individual and community transformation through the promotion of equality, economic growth, and by providing people with the tools to be self-sufficient, access resources and thrive based on their aspirations. ​

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