Grief Recovery Services

Grief Recovery Services



We are proud to offer The Grief Recovery Method, an evidenced-based and validated system of healing from grief and loss.

Everyone has experienced loss. Loss of a loved one, home, broken relationship, termination from job, opportunity, and even loss of an idea. In a world focused on progress and success, it can be difficult to believe you have time or even should have time to grieve your losses. Who has time to think about their feelings, when rent has to paid, children have to be fed, family needs support, and on and on and on!

Investing in yourself can feel like a foreign concept, or even downright selfish. However, when you are well it will improve every aspect of your life. Today is a great day to choose YOU!


Services are provided in-person, both individually or in a group setting. Groups can be facilitated on site at Project LIFT services or in the community for churches, schools, community centers, etc. 

Participants may use their insurance or self-pay.

Virtual sessions are available!