Lifted Men Fatherhood Program

Our Lifted Men Fatherhood program helps new and seasoned fathers with barriers develop practical parenting skills to successfully reintegrate into their child’s life while establishing a healthy and mutual co-parenting agreement. During our 13-week curriculum, we’ll address financial instability, communication issues, and negative thought patterns to give participants the opportunity to have a meaningful presence in their children’s lives.

Learn How To:

Foster healthy relationships with your children.

Successfully reintegrate into your child’s life.

Respond to your child’s wants and needs.

Communicate effectively with the other parent.

Recognize and navigate emotional triggers.

Budget to ensure financial responsibilities are met.


To qualify for the LIFTED Men Fatherhood Program, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:​


It's Your Time

Fathers who’ve experienced a long-term absence from their child will participate in a weekly peer support group to address reintegration fears or concerns. Program participants in good standing may apply for short-term financial assistance with rent, utilities and bus passes to prevent instability that might impact the child.

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"I was able to have an outlet and find ways to get through whatever I'm going through."